We realize it is often challenging to understand what to do when faced with a legal issue. In an effort to help educate the general public, the firm offers group seminars on various legal topics. Most seminars are one hour. A list of such topics can be found below. If you would like to have a presentation for your group (retirement association, church, civic club, etc.) please contact the firm.

9 Guidelines for Choosing & Hiring an Attorney:
Don’t.be intimidated!  find the right attorney for you and your case with some important tips on selecting an attorney that is both qualified and trustworthy, no matter what your legal issue.  Also learn pointers on what is entailed in hiring your selected attorney.

7 Tips to Save Time and Money in Working with Lawyers:
When you hire an attorney, you make an investment.  Learn ways you can help keep down expenses and time in your case.  There are things clients can do to help their attorneys with case preparation, and to reduce time spent on unnecessary issues.  Gain an attorneys perspective on how to cut the waste..

Should you say “I do” to a Prenuptial Agreement?:
Learn about the legal implications of a Marital Property Agreement and your rights in the absence of one.  Marital property agreements are not just for the rich and famous.  Discover how an agreement can provide certainty and financial security for you.

Divorce 101:
Understand the Process, Terminology, and Issues in a Wisconsin Divorce.  Considering a divorce but afraid of the unknown?  Representing yourself in a divorced?  Impacted by another’s divorce and have questions?  Knowledge is power.  Ease your concerns and learn strategies by understanding the basics of a Wisconsin Divorce. 

Step Parent Adoption
Explore the legal issues for parents, stepparents, and children when a stepparent wishes to adopt a stepchild.  Should you make your blended family a forever family?  Learn about the process and legal requirements to adopt a stepchild.

Adult Guardianship: What is It and When is IT Needed
Understand circumstances, requirements, and procedures in a typical guardianship.  Concerned about your aging spouse or parents with incomplete estate planning?  Do you have an adult or nearly adult child who is unable to make decisions?  Relieve stress and uncertainty by learning the duties of a guardian, the purpose behind guardianship, and the simple estate planning methods to avoid it.

Top 10 Legal Tips for Small Businesses
Identify the vulnerable areas of your business with this legal check-up.  Are you considering starting your own business or have you already started your own business without an attorney? Did you have an attorney for formation but without follow-up? Has your business grown without additional legal oversight? Recognize the legal issues in your business to ensure you are on the right track.

Employment Law Basics in Wisconsin
Understand the legal principles of at-will employment, equal rights, and unemployment insurance.  There is much confusion in this area of the law that affects nearly everyone.  It is essential that you have a general understanding of Wisconsin employment law.  This seminar covers the basics of discrimination, wrongful termination, and unemployment benefits.

The 5 Requirements of a Will
Learn crucial aspects to have an enforceable will. 
Have you ever tried to write your will on your own and wondered if it is valid? Did an attorney help you with estate planning but you have since tried to change it on your own? Find out the basic requirements for a legal will in Wisconsin, as well as other important clauses for consideration.

The 7 Reasons You Need a Power of Attorney:
Learn the essential purpose behind living directives.  You have heard about the importance of executing living documents, such as a living will/health care power of attorney or durable/financial power of attorney, but do you know how and when they are used?  Has this been on your “to do” list for some time?  Do you understand that anyone over 18 should have these documents?  Schedule this seminar for your group and learn why.     .

Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts):
This program consists of a 30-minute presentation by the program attorney, followed by a 15-minute question and answer period. The program attorney will discuss the common concerns in planning your estate and in drafting the basic will and trust provisions. Consideration will be given as to the methods of avoiding probate and minimizing probate expenses by the use of informal probate procedure. The program attorney will provide handouts.

Elder Law Basics in Wisconsin
Understand the basics of qualifying for Medical Assistance, Social Security, and learn techniques for preserving assets while planning for long-term care and coverage of ever-increasing nursing home costs. The impact of Wisconsin’s Estate Recovery laws upon the various planning techniques is also discussed. 

For Sale By Owner:
The steps to successful selling or buying real estate when not represented by a broker.  Purchase or sale of property without the use of a broker can result in significant savings provided you follow all the propert steps.  Learn the 9 major steps to have an enforceable real estate  transaction and the 17 actions needed to arrive at a successful closing.

Landlord and Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities:
The program attorney will cover Wisconsin AG Department Rules as applied to landlord/tenant matters. Emphasis will be placed on the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant.

Starting Your Own Business:
The program attorney will cover the points to consider when starting up your own small business, including the type of business organization to have, government reports, and necessary tax reports to file.

Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution:
Today, there is more emphasis on settlement of disputes, especially marital and divorce disputes, by use of a trained mediator or by some other alternate dispute resolution process, rather than expensive litigation. This program explains what mediation is, how it works, and how much it costs.